Saturday, July 31, 2021
cannabis strains

Cannabis Strains: Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid


Although researchers have found a distinction between the two species; oftentimes it is marijuana that is more Sativa, while hemp is more Indica. However, many believe it to work differently due to personal experiences. Don’t rely on the hearsay of others or even one study from a pile of more than one-hundred that have been conducted on the Hemp plant. For decades, people believe that these are the key differences between Sativa and Indica:


When it comes to appearance, an Indica plant is shorter and bushier, while the leaves are shorter and wider. When using an Indica strain, you will experience more of a body high, which will help stimulate your appetite and promotes relaxation. It is used for its sedative-like characteristics by working to promote sleep. Indica is best used during night time.


When it comes to appearance, a Sativa plant is taller and slimmer, and the leaves are longer and much thinner. When using a Sativa strain, you will experience more of a head high, providing an uplifting and euphoric feeling that boosts your creative juices. Also, it promotes energy and alertness. Sativa is best used during the day time.


A Hybrid strain may differ in appearance due to the combination of Sativa and Indica parent strains. Hybrid strains are considered Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or they could offer a balance between the two. Hybrid strains are grown on a farm but oftentimes grown in greenhouses where the environment is controlled. You may experience a range of effects and it totally depends on the parent strains of what those effects will be.

cannabis strains

Choosing the right Delta 8 THC strain

Let’s talk about choosing the right Delta 8 THC strain. First and foremost, what are the desired effects you’re hoping to obtain from Delta 8 THC? Are you looking for something to help start your day or to end or to end your night with? Do you want an intense head high or something that won’t leave you feeling too high?

Indica and Hybrid strains are often referred to as daytime strains. This is due to their energetic appeal; also, people who take these strains are typically worried about feeling sleepy. We usually include Terpenes that are known to enhance the properties of the strain. Finally, Indica is the preferred strain for those who are finishing their day. We make sure to include more mellow terpenes to products that use this strain.

When it comes to choosing the right Delta 8 THC strain you have to consider what Delta 8 THC products you want to use. Some products tend to get you high a lot faster than others, but might be less potent. Another thing to consider is the flavors associated with certain strains – you might choose an Indica over a Sativa because you prefer a certain flavor.

If you don’t have much experience with THC we recommend consult with your doctor and start always with low dosages.