Friday, September 24, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Phoenix Tears


Concentrated forms of cannabis extracts are getting popular. One of these forms is the Phoenix Tears, an extract so potent that it will have you spinning in the best way possible. Let’s look into this product that many call “miraculous.”

What is Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears is not a thing from Harry Potter, that’s for sure. Phoenix Tears is a highly concentrated extract of cannabis. Phoenix Tears has a high dose of THC and usually does not contain many cannabinoids like CBD.

Phoenix Tears has been developed by Rick Simpson in Canada, who was the first producer of this extract.

What is the Effect of Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears is a powerful extract and should not be taken lightly. Since it is very high in THC levels, it would be a bright idea to use lower doses. The correct amount is often suggested to be about a third of a grain of rice, but this will highly depend on your tolerance levels and the level of THC in the extract.

Is it a “Cancer Cure”?

Phoenix Tears have not been tested for anti-cancer properties. However, many people who were in different stages of cancer have used this extract for medicinal purposes. While its anti-cancer properties have not been independently confirmed, cannabis oils containing THC may help control some side effects of chemotherapy like nausea or vomiting, treat pain, and boost appetite after the treatment.

Phoenix Tears can help with depression, insomnia, and pain, even with stress. It is definitely a strong extract, but it’s a great one when used responsibly and can seriously help.

How is it consumed?

There are many ways to consume Phoenix Tears. It can be put in various different edibles. Still, we do warn you, it is quite a powerful extract, so perhaps consider putting a distilled version of it in your edibles or drinks to not alter the taste and color of them.

Phoenix Tears can be applied topically. They are put in a syringe, so it is easy to squeeze out a small portion and apply it. And finally, you can apply a small dab of Phoenix Tears beneath your tongue as well.

What is their shelf life?

Phoenix Tears should be used within three months after opening for maximum enjoyment and benefits. The extract can be stored in a cool, dark place or at room temperature.

Where can I get Phoenix Tears?

Our dispensary offers Phoenix Tears applicators with a whopping 500mg+ THC per 1ml. The extract is purely organic and is lab tested for solvents and pesticides.

There you have it! Phoenix Tears are quite a punching cannabis extract that should be appreciated for its medical and therapeutic properties. Before applying the extract, orally or topically, be aware that it is jam-packed with THC, so be careful when doing it with the syringe applicator.

Phoenix Tears is not a replacement for cancer therapy or chronic pain medication. Still, it is shown to help with the after-effects. Consult your MD before making any changes to your treatment.