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How to open a dispensary in Ontario


The revisions to Ontario Regulation 468/18 will bring about another application cycle, which will keep on being controlled by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The AGCO now foresees giving up to 80 new licenses for every month. Continue to peruse to see the steps to opening your retail venture are.

Instructions how to open a dispensary in Ontario:

Pushing ahead, Ontario will actualize a two-venture application measure for cannabis retail authorizing.

Stage One: Apply for a Retail Operator License

The initial step is to apply for a Retail Operator License. To qualify, candidates should meet certain measures, including:

Should be 19 years old or older

Should not have been indicted or accused of any offenses, including under the Cannabis License Act or offenses under the Cannabis Control Act and Cannabis Act

Should not be in default of any tax

You can locate the full rundown of standards for acquiring a Retail Operator License on the AGCO website.

Stage Two: Apply for a Retail Store Authorization

Starting March 2, 2020, all applicants who have effectively applied for a Retail Operator License will have the option to push ahead with stage two of the permitting cycle: applying for a Retail Store Authorization.

Normally, there are certain measures that your proposed store should meet to be qualified for approval. Your proposed area should likewise be at any rate 150 meters from any school. Extra cannabis retail location necessities can be found on the AGCO website.

Step by step instructions how to open a dispensary in Ontario in Ontario

Obviously, acquiring your administrator’s permit and store approval is only one piece of the condition with regards to opening a cannabis retail location. Much the same as some other business, this endeavour will require a lot of preparation and planning.

The following are four basic hints to help you as you start down the way of opening your own cannabis retail location in Ontario.

1. Make a Comprehensive Strategy

The initial phase in dispatching any business is drafting a strategy, and cannabis is the same. This basic report won’t just assistance control you in your excursion, however will help you secure financing and exhibit to specialists that your activity will fulfil lawful necessities.

The seven fundamental zones your field-tested strategy should address are:


Utilization of assets




Activities and Compliance


Decide Your Differentiation

One of the significant focuses featured by Steven Fry and Darryl Allen — proprietors of one of Canada’s most elevated performing cannabis stores to date — in their Business of Cannabis digital recording is figuring out what separates your dispensary from the remainder of the market. As they put it, would you like to be Starbucks or Tim Hortons?

Leading statistical surveying and making purchaser personas will significantly help you in this undertaking. Glance around at the other cannabis stores contending in your market; what is their edge? Who are they focusing on with their marking, promoting and in-store insight? By figuring this out, you’ll be better situated to figure out what the market needs — and afterward give it.

2. Secure Financing         

Another significant part of dispatching another business is making sure about the fundamental subsidizing. In contrast to the States, cannabis entrepreneurs in Canada ought to have no issues making sure about financing through conventional roads. These can include:

Business credits

Speculation gatherings

Capital representatives

Obviously, companions, family, and colleagues are for the most part possibly reasonable wellsprings of financing, and self-subsidizing is an alternative also.

3. Make your Dream Team                  

With regards to the work force you’ll have to help open and run a fruitful cannabis retail activity, they can be separated into two principle classifications: proficient administration and everyday staff.

On the expert administrations side, consider obntaining the services lawyer (ideally one with some level of involvement with the cannabis business), a CPA, and a security specialist. Furthermore, you’ll need to hire store employees with an accomplished consistency of success.

Concerning everyday staff, you’ll need chiefs, security officials, and bleeding edge specialist co-ops. Another critical tip from Steven and Darryl is to guarantee both quality and amount of staff. Quality-wise, search for up-and-comers who are both energetic about cannabis and continually looking for information on the business and item; on the amount side, ensure you have enough work force to help your tasks — which be more frenzied than you envision.


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