Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Study: Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome on the Rise in the U.S.


Numerous studies conducted over more than a decade of research have shown that regular marijuana users are subject to a medical condition known as cannabis hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). The condition, characterized by uncontrollable vomiting that can last for hours, now appears on the rise in the U.S. The latest study suggests that this rise is in direct correlation with marijuana legalization.

Researchers from institutions in Colorado, Virginia, and California looked at hundreds of thousands of cannabis users in Colorado. They looked specifically at reports of CHS among those patients as they sought emergency care at Colorado hospitals. What they discovered should not be surprising to anyone willing to look at the issue from a commonsense perspective.

More About the Study

The researchers undertook their study in hopes of learning more about the relationship between marijuana legalization and CHS prevalence. They examined more than 820,700 reports involving cannabis patients seeking care in Colorado emergency departments. They analyzed data collected over many years to see if there was a correlation between marijuana consumption rates and CHS reports.

Researchers relied on a cross-sectional model to analyze data collected for the six years ending on December 31, 2018. They looked at counties with no cannabis dispensaries prior to state legalization and compared them against counties with dispensaries. They even analyzed the number of recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries in each Colorado county.

Here is what they discovered:

  • CHS cases increased 29%
  • 25% of the cases were in patients up to 18 years old
  • 14% were in patients ages 19 to 25
  • 61% were in patients 26 years old and above.

Analyzing the data led researchers to two inevitable conclusions: incidents of CHS increased in correlation to the number of people who use marijuana, and people are at higher risk of experiencing the condition the longer they use the drug.

More About CHS

General hyperemesis is a condition characterized by uncontrollable vomiting. CHS is simply hyperemesis related to cannabis consumption. Symptoms include prolonged and uncontrollable vomiting, nausea, and severe stomach cramps. Dehydration is also considerable risk if a patient does not get enough fluids while the vomiting persists.

As with any type of persistent vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss are risks associated with CHS. It is critically important that long-term cannabis users seek medical help if they believe they are experiencing CHS. There is no point risking additional health problems by not having the condition treated professionally.

CHS and Medical Cannabis

CHS does not strike just recreational users. Obviously, their risks are greater given the fact that they are more likely to use marijuana more consistently and persistently. But even medical cannabis users can suffer from CHS. It is a condition medical cannabis patients need to be concerned about. It’s something that they should also be willing to talk to their medical providers about.

Beehive Farmacy is a medical cannabis dispensary with locations in Salt Lake City and Brigham City, Utah. Like all other dispensaries in the state, Beehive Farmacy locations are always staffed by a licensed medical cannabis pharmacist. Beehive owners say that patients can discuss CHS with their pharmacists as well as their doctors.

The good news is that studies show CHS prevalence falls as marijuana consumption decreases. If you suffer from the condition, you can reduce the chances that it will be recurring by reducing the amount of marijuana you consume. Whatever you do, do not ignore CHS. All by itself, it is very uncomfortable. But leaving it untreated could lead to dehydration, weight loss, and other problems. It is nothing to take lightly.