Friday, September 24, 2021
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Tips to help you grow your weed better


If you think just because autoflowering plants can bloom under 24-hour light doesn’t mean the type of light doesn’t matter. The lights provide plants with the energy they need to grow. So the better the light, the higher the autoflowering yield can be. For optimal energy, choose a lighting system that produces more lumens. Lumen is by definition a measure of the total amount of visible light emitted. That’s why you want to maximize your possible power.

Importance of lights for plant growth

While the light cycles will not change over the course of an autoflowering plant’s growth cycle, it will also change in nutrients. They also differ significantly from the regular varieties, so make sure you buy cheap cannabis seeds that are well versed in feeding autos if you want to maximize your yield. Unlike photoperiod plants, with autoflowering plants, less is more.

The use of training techniques on autoflowering plants is the subject of much debate among growers. While some recommend lst autoflower techniques, some say no training at all. If you want to experiment to maximize your yield, here are some top tips to follow when training your autoflowering plants:-

LST (Low Stress Training) – Low Stress Training involves bending and manipulating the stems for maximum light coverage. Bending the branches usually does not cause enough stress to stunt growth and can result in larger buds compared to popcorn buds in the lower parts of the branches. LST can be started from a younger vegetative stage or used throughout the life cycle.

SOG (Sea of ​​Green) – The Sea of ​​green or SOG technique involves placing multiple small plants close together to maximize space for higher yields. This method avoids other training methods and allows you to grow multiple varieties at once for higher yields.

Topping – Topping is when growers cut off the “top” of the main stem, causing the plant to grow into multiple tips instead of just one. To avoid rapid growth, wait until the plant is healthy and thriving before implementing this training technique. This usually happens after more than 20 days of growth.

Two essential factor to keep in mind

Over-watering is one of the many stressors for autoflowering plants. Especially among novice growers. Giving plants too much water can cause unnecessary stress which will stunt growth and minimize overall yields. To avoid over-watering, always check the quality of discount cannabis seeds andweight of the pot before feeding. When the pot feels light, it needs to be watered. If it’s a bit heavy and doesn’t rise at all, refrain from watering.

Use CO2 – CO2 is beneficial for autoflowering strains as it stimulates photosynthesis. Overall, when using CO2 in your growing space, you can expect higher quality results. Including higher yields. Of course, only add CO2 when all other growing conditions are optimal. Otherwise, additional reinforcement will not be so beneficial.

Add plant support – the stronger you have it in place, the larger and heavier the nuggets your autoflowering plant can produce. To enhance your ability to get the maximum yield, use bamboo pegs, a green tie, mesh or tomato cages to give the plant extra strength support.