Saturday, July 31, 2021
CBD Lube

Why use CBD Lube?


CBD lube’s been celebrated for providing better orgasms, helping with dryness, pelvic pain, vaginal discomfort, and sexual anxiety. CBD lube stimulates and promotes circulation and does not numb the pelvic area. Users report everything from a relaxing sensation in the area with less strain and inflammation, to going on to have the best sex they’ve ever had.

Why use lube?

Why not use a lube? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when using a personal lubricant. There are hundreds of reasons to use lube. In fact, there are millions of people in the world that still choose lube even though they produce enough vaginal fluid.

It’s noted in a study that around 50% of post-menopausal women notice vaginal dryness and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Following menopause estrogen levels decrease and the genitourinary area which includes the vagina and vulva may change. Tissues reduce their flexibility; they become thinner and in turn receive less blood flow. This means that bodies produce less natural vaginal fluids. Using a lubricant in this situation would help with decreased discomfort experienced due to vaginal dryness.

Whatever your reason, the main reason to use a lubricant is to enhance sexual pleasure.

Why choose a CBD lube over a regular lube?

For some, CBD lube is simply an alternative to other top lubricants. For others, it’s a revolutionary product that could address particular problems they have in the bedroom. This could relate to experiencing heightened sensations, better orgasms, and experience less pain.

Unlike regular lube, CBD lubes are generally infused with a whole host of other beneficial ingredients. These people have heard about the benefits of CBD, and now they want to experience these benefits for themselves.

What are some of the benefits of CBD Lube?

There are many potential sexy benefits of incorporating CBD into your intimate activities. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body, namely the CB1 receptor and CB2. The endocannabinoid system controls homeostasis and is credited with affecting central and peripheral functions. This includes everything from your mood to your appetite, sex drive, and body’s response during sex. This essentially means the endocannabinoid system controls your body’s balance.

There are studies out there that credit CBD as being beneficial for:

  • People experiencing PTSD from sexual trauma.
  • Acting as a vasodilator and improving circulation.
  • Promoting anti-anxiety properties
  • Working as a muscle relaxant

These studies show that if CBD lube is used on the vagina, blood flow around the genital area increases. Some people report improved sensitivity and arousal. In other words, water soluble CBD lube can potentially make you feel good down there, which is a fantastic feeling.

Even though CBD lube is applied to the vagina, it could be absorbed into the bloodstream. Whether anxious about body image, performance, or being with a new partner, people may be less self-conscious about sex thanks to these purported effects. In other words, CBD lube may make women more open to sex.

With CBD lube’s potential to work as a muscle relaxant, women may experience a relaxed pelvic floor and surrounding areas. Relaxing these muscles can mean less painful sex. It could also mean better orgasms because the orgasm will be stronger and easier to achieve.

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